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Lukas Gage on How He Created a Group Chat With Molly Shannon, Former Members of NXIVM, ’90 Day Fiancé’ Stars

Lucas Gage and his White lotus Co-stars Jennifer Coolidge and Molly Shannon have been close since the filming of season one — especially Shannon.

during an appearance Jimmy Kimmel Live! On Thursday, Gage told the late-night host that he and Shannon bonded over their mutual love of the reality television series on the Hawaii set. You season four star cited some of his favorites 90 days fiancee, love happened after lockup And FastWho was surprised by the late night host which the actors were assuming to be reality TV.

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“I think it’s a documentary,” Gage admitted. “It really happened. [Shannon and I] really shared a bond from that show, and I started a group chat with some former members of NXIVM, some former members 90 Day FiancéAnd Molly Shannon is in those group chats.

When Kimmel asked the actor how the group chat went, Gage explained that he just reached out to him and told them he was a fan of his.

“I really think it’s brave that they made the show,” he said. “We’re on a texting chain. We talk all the time. They love You season four. He is my only fan.

related to 90 day fiance, Gage said he texts with twins Darcy and Stacy Silva, who are his “publicity ladies”.

“I need them to find love, and I’m invested,” he said. “They want me to keep killing it, and I [them] to find love It’s a beautiful friendship.

the guest and the host started talking again White lotus, Gage acknowledged that there was probably a small part of him that hoped season two Season one will not be as good.

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For their final conversation, Kimmel argued for Gage’s most recent role as Adam You and told viewers that the photo she’s about might “shock” them.

The actor began by recalling the time he went to get a facial – “boys need facials too, let’s normalize it” – and the facialist kept looking at him “really weird”. He eventually told her that her eyebrows were uneven, which she claimed she had never noticed before until she got home.

“I look in the mirror, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, my eyebrows are uneven,'” Gage said. “I go back two days later, I go to the facialist, and I say, ‘Let’s get this eyebrow fixed.’ And he gave me a unit of Botox on my brows.

Kimmel then shared a photo of Gage after he got something called “ptosis,” which is the drooping of an eyelid. According to the actor, 2 percent of people who receive Botox experience ptosis, which Kimmel quipped, “seems like a lot.”

“That was my eye for six weeks, and the character just has sunglasses for the rest of it.” [of the season], ” said Gage. “I wrote this long letter like, ‘What if he gets a black eye? He is about to get married, what if he fails?’ And they were like, ‘We’re just gonna get you sunglasses.’

The host joked that the ptosis became distracted by Gage’s uneven eyebrows before actually praising the “spectacular” eyebrows.

“Don’t tell these crazy people to take shots in your face,” Kimmel told the actor, “I think that’s a lesson for everybody.” No one’s face is symmetrical. Everything is going to be a little different and a little different, and I guess it was a hard and fast lesson learned that Botox is not for me.


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