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Maize and BlueReview – Jamon Green at Michigan Pro Day: “I was ready to go”

Michigan’s Pro Day provided an opportunity for all players who declared for the NFL Draft to showcase their skills, meet NFL administrators and team personnel, and speak to the media. It was his first opportunity for cornerback Jamon Green after he was surprisingly not invited to the NFL Draft Combine in Indianapolis. Green said his process was not affected by Indy not being invited.

“Me and the (NFL) coaches talked,” Green said. “It wasn’t even a problem for me.”

Green spent five years in Ann Arbor, and was the starter for the last three seasons. He still had a year of eligibility left due to the Covid exemption, but felt it was time to move on.

“I just wanted to make my shot. I felt like I was ready to go.”

Michigan had a large number of potential NFL prospects who elected to return to Michigan. Green said that his decision was made by him and what was best for him.

“When I saw some people back, I just went to my room, just closed my eyes and prayed. I came to the conclusion of just quitting.”

Green has taken advantage of the past three months to focus on his game and technique. He believes the progress he has made has allowed him to show a new side to NFL scouts.

“I can move, I felt during the season that I was not moving well. I have to show it today.”

Green didn’t name a specific team he’d be landing with, but he didn’t hide what homecoming would mean.

“I’d love to live in Texas. That’s home.”

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Green’s departure has created a battle for the position for the 2023 season, with the CB2 role currently vacant between Will Johnson. Amorian Walker’s transition from wide receiver to cornerback has attracted attention this offseason, and Green believes Walker will do well because of his length and speed. He also mentioned the two players he would be keeping an eye on.

“Jaden McBurroughs and my brother German when he gets back healthy.”

McBurrows is one of the team’s more physical corners and is hoping that his return to health will allow him to compete for Green’s old role. Gemon isn’t the first person to tell me that German is a player to watch cracking the two-deep this offseason, so maybe we’ll see another Green in the Michigan secondary this fall.


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