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Raiders may plan to sit on Derek Carr, for now – ProFootballTalk

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Raiders have 16 days to explore potential trade for quarterback derek carr before that $40.4 million in future compensation becomes fully guaranteed. so why didn't they Carr allowed To try to find a lover?

Here's the problem. The Raiders feared that those discussions would result in a blinkered understanding that Carr would tell the Raiders he would not waive his no-trade clause, force a release – and then trade him over to the new team. will allow you to receive. To pay, if he has to compensate the Raiders as well.

From Carr's perspective, it's better to cut than trade. He chooses his destination, he maximizes his compensation, and his new team can pay him more because he didn't need to send a draft pick or two to his old team.

Raiders are smart enough to understand this. Thus, for now the goal is preventing Carr from discovering what is behind Door No. 2. The more he knows about what the other teams will or won't do, the more likely he is to find that his best play will be to fold. weapons and refusal to cooperate.

Then it's a possibility. Attackers would rather keep him than bite him. And keep it. And keep it with you until they get the they want.

It'll be like what Brown did baker mayfield, Yes, he had a salary of $19.9 million for 2022. But he had nowhere to play. And the longer it goes on, the harder it will be for him to prepare for the regular season.

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Ultimately, that left her with $4.6 million and Brown saved $9.4 million.

The Raiders could really benefit from having Carr sit on the bench until the veteran quarterback's upcoming game of musical chairs ends. Assuming at least one quarterback-needy team doesn't get the man it wants, the Raiders will be operating from a position of strength.

If, in contract, they bother to make a deal for Carr before February 15th, they will be operating from a position of weakness.

If the Raiders are doing this, it's quite a gamble. $40.4 million gambled, more than double the $19.9 million gambled by the Browns.

Carr could have just said, “Okay. I'll show up to practices and games and take your checks and not play. They can't shut him down if he wants to be there.”

But the Raiders could be on Carr, who didn't want to be there, and desperately wanted to be elsewhere. That's the only way to get him to trim enough of that $40.4 million to facilitate the trade — even if the Raiders paid some of it.

It's much better than paying it all.

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