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Tuca & Bertie and Gordita Chronicles creators put WBD on blast

Tuca and Bertie, The Gordita Chronicles
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it is Another stomach-churning day in the streaming wars, With networks and streamers canceling shows before they air and pulling shows from platforms, it's a dark time for fans of America's biggest export: . However, that doesn't mean artists are sitting down and taking in the near-constant doom and gloom of the streaming news cycle. To deadlineThe , West, issued a statement about the troubling behavior of one group in particular: . Discovery.

“less than a year [after the merger]The company has instead canceled, pulled, or written off $2 billion in content and laid off hundreds of employees, in a frantic attempt to justify the consolidation and reduce the company's $50+ billion debt. appears to be trying WGA, West wrote in its “Broken Promises” bulletin, “The company has from cut material to snow blowerOne of the last scripted series on TNTProjects including pre-production or development JJ Abrams' demimonde series on HBO kill the orange-faced bear on TBS (cancelled a week before production), and already filmed features such as bat girl, The company also removed dozens of previously released features and series entirely from HBO Max.

Specific creators were also included in the WGA statement., were among gordita chronicles Producer and Tuca and Bertie Producer Lisa Hainault. Without giving the merger a chance to succeed, HBO abruptly canceled both shows.

“I got into to counter negative mainstream stereotypes about Latino communities and to tell stories like gordita chroniclesfeaturing a young Dominican girl who lives in Miami with her family,” said Forestieri. “The runner and I did everything in our power to set the show up for success, and the first season opened to positive reviews and seen with strong viewership. But after the merger, HBO Max was given a new mandate from its Discovery leadership to cut costs gordita chronicles was canceled Just five weeks after the first broadcast, and now it will also be taken off the platform.

“Executives claimed the cancellations reflected HBO's rebranding,” says Forestieri, which he read as “moving away from shows about Latino families” and that these mergers “may contribute to the eroding of U.S. Latinos”. ”

Lisa Hanawalt's Tuca & Bertie was saved by Adult Swim in 2020 and saw viewership increases over its two seasons on the network. However, it became another tax write-down for Warner Bros. Discovery last November when the network suddenly canceled it. She wrote:

I originally created Tuca & Bertie for Netflix, but when they canceled it after just one season, we fought to get the series picked up at Warner's Adult Swim network. The women-led series had been a cult hit and a critical darling–the Warner execs knew it needed support and time to grow viewers in the male-dominated adult animation space. But the merger went through right before the most recent season launched, and almost everyone who worked on the Tuca & Bertie team was laid off. Then several of the show's main executives at Adult Swim and HBO Max left in the turmoil. Planned marketing projects to promote the new season didn't happen. Then we learned the show had been cancelled. It's already harder for shows centered on women, and this merger cost us the support we needed to thrive.

With the news that Showtime is getting folded into Paramount+, full seasons of Snowpiercer and 61st Street With shows being pulled before they even aired, and a steady stream of shows being pulled from platforms, it's safe to say that something needs to change.

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